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Meet The Team

This is our fantastic team of youth workers who keep our kids engaged in our youth work

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Centre Director

Sara is the Boss of Newhaven YFC and is popular with the kids. She always thinks of new ways to keep the kids happy and always has a smile on her face! Sara works her socks off to keep our sessions running, in her spare time she enjoys tennis and tap dancing!


Team Leader

Daniel has been with us for 5 years! He is a Residential Care Worker in a kids home. While at youth he works closely with young people who may be struggling in different areas of SEMH needs. He plays drums in his spare time!



Youth Worker

Alex is one of many Alex's in our youth groups, each Alex has a nickname to help stop confusion! This Alex runs his own groups in Seaford and his secret love is with cars, he's passionate about providing quality sessions for our youth kids.

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