This is our fantastic team of youth workers who keep our kids engaged in our youth work

Meet The Team

The Boss

Sara is the Boss of Newhaven YFC and is popular with the kids. She always thinks of new ways to keep the kids happy and always has a smile on her face! 


Football Guru

Sam is currently studying youth work at university. He enjoys working with the young people and enjoys been a role model to them. Always taking time to check in with the kids.


The Young one

DJ use to be one of our Youth Members until he was to old and became a youth worker, he always makes the kids smile and takes time to help them when needed!


Doorman and bodyguard

Wayne is Youth work legend! Wayne is one of the most famous workers here! He knows everyone very well and never fails to entertain us all.




Alex is a fantastic member of the team, always put the kids first and makes sure they have a great time when coming! He never fails to think up new and fun ideas for everyone!

Darren is a valued member of the team who absolutely loves coming to youth group and making the kids smile


New kid on the block

Stewart is one of our newest members of the team. He has already made good repour with the kids and has made a great impression all round.

All Rounder

Daniel loves coming to youth group and helps anyone he can. Always making sure not only the youth members are having a great week but also the staff.

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