About Us

Here For Young People


Hey there! We are a group of volunteers from local churches in Newhaven with a heart for young people in our town. Newhaven Youth For Christ is a registered charity. Our Centre Director is Sara Alexander. 

Newhaven YFC has been at the forefront of making a difference in children’s lives for years. Located at Newhaven in East Sussex, we are passionate about seeing young people living their lives to the full and equipping them with the values and skills they need to go forward in their lives. 

We're about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus. 

Newhaven Youth for Christ is a registered charity set up in 2016. We are funded through donations, grants and partner churches.

EVERYONE is welcome! Whether you have a faith or not. We do not discriminate against any groups of people. No matter your background, sexuality or ethnicity you're all welcome here!