Newhaven Youth For Christ

Here for for young people


Sessions and Services

A Wide Range of youth groups and services


Thursday Youth Group

St Michael's Church Hall, Church Hill, Newhaven. 
6:30pm-8pm - Only £1!

This group is focused on a more relaxed approach, we try to do something different every week. This could be from baking to playing fun games or even quizzes. Drinks and chocolate are provided as well. Often hot chocolate and baking ingredients are proivided to allow for a warm drink on cold nights and easy bake snacks!

1-1 Mentoring

1-1 sessions with either Sara or DJ

We can offer free 1-1 mentoring sessions with young people in Newhaven and surrounding areas. We can cover most topics in which young people may struggle with, such as, mental health, friendships, bullying and much more. If we deem the need to be greater than the help we can offer, we will refer you to other charities or teams that may be able to offer you better help.

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St Michael's Church Hall, Church Hill Newhaven.
5pm-6pm - FREE

This session is for primary school children year 3-6. Full of games, talks and fun! Drinks and snack provided.

Sunday Youth Group

St Michael's Church Hall, Church Hill, Newhaven.
6pm-7:30pm - Only £1!

Newhaven YFC empowers youth in Newhaven and surrounding areas to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of sessions. We care about our children, and provide them with a number of enrichment programs to help shape their identity. We explore building a better self and exploring faith in a fun and educational way.


Tuesday Lunch Time

Every Tuesday lunch time at Seahaven Acadmey we are in Miss Johnsons RS room SO3. Bring your lunch for quizzes, fun activities and a place to hang out!